Why New Construction Home Inspections are Necessary

New construction home inspections might not be at the top of your list, even if you’re in the market to buy. But, a home inspection should actually be one of your most important to-do items. Whether you’re considering a resale, a recently built home, or new construction, it’s just not advisable to skip out. This is due to the fact that you really need to be in-the-know when such a large decision is at the heart of the matter. Of course, you might think that new construction isn’t a candidate for a home inspection because of the very fact, it’s new. However, there are a few compelling reasons to always have a home inspection completed.

What a Home Inspection Is and Isn’t

A home inspection is conducted to uncover what’s known as “material defects.” These are problems with the house which negatively impact its value and/or are health and/or safety concerns. A home inspection will reveal both small and large issues, something very valuable to know before going through with the transaction.

“…builders often reject such arrangements, for a number of reasons. Some builders claim that this will void their insurance policy and are afraid that someone will get hurt during the inspections. Other builders don’t want their employees bothered by too many questions from the inspector, while other builders just say that ‘we will provide you with a house that has been approved by the county inspectors, so you do not have to worry.” —Realty Times.com

However, a home inspection isn’t necessarily a clear and perfect look into the future. Sure, the home inspector might very well point out a potential future problem (or miss a problem which manifests not long after you move-in), but it’s not a guarantee. A home inspection is simply to give you a general but honest, assessment of the house’s main systems and components.

Why New Construction Home Inspections are Necessary

New construction home inspections are important because they alert you to existing and potential problems. And, just because it’s new construction doesn’t mean the property is automatically issue-free. Here are the top reasons new construction home inspections are a necessity:

  • It’s very possible for the builder to miss things. The vast majority of home builders use sub-contractors and sub-sub contractors. These are typically licensed, experienced individual tradespeople. And, they are brought on-site to complete certain tasks. But, the general contractor can’t realistically be on-site 24/7. So, it’s very possible for the general contractor and/or foreman to miss things from time to time. In other words, it’s very possible to miss this or that and a home inspection could well uncover said problems. Which means this reason alone is reason enough to conduct a home inspection.
  • Municipal building inspections are limited to minimal code standards. It’s not unusual for new and even returning home buyers to believe the building inspection is enough. Though, this is a misinformed notion. A building inspection is simply concerned with code standards. In other words, it’s not at all the same as a home inspection. For example, a house can realistically pass a building inspection but flags can easily come up with the same property during a home inspection. The bottom line is, one doesn’t replace or substitute for the other.
  • Any existing problems should be identified and dealt-with prior to the move-in date. Another reason for conducting a home inspection on new construction is for peace-of-mind. You might think that the builder’s warranty and other guarantees are enough. But, these are usually quite limited to specifics. Which means you’re taking an unnecessary risk not to find out all you can before going through with the deal.

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