What Is Your Plan B

With the financial markets in major turmoil and the uncertainty of the global economy the question of the day is “What Is Your Plan B”? Do you have a backup plan in the event your plan A fails?  What do you do when the one thing you were counting on falls apart? Do you have your plan B? Amazingly most people do not have a backup plan when life throws them a curve ball.  

As a Realtor, I know that every transaction has the potential for problems. Even the best Realtors can run into problems with the best planning in place. It is the top Realtor who has their plan B ready as a back up just in case problems arise.

What is your back up? When you run into a financial bind, do you have a little extra money tucked away to handle the crisis? What about when life throws you a personal problem. Do you have your faith to fall back on or the strength of family and friends? During times of crisis we often forget the there are solutions out there for us but we are blinded by the simplicity of the solution.

When you find that your plan A did not work, reach out to those around you for strength and solutions. You plan B might even be better than your plan A. No one said life would be easy so put you plan B in place, you never know when you will need it.