What Effect Will The Current Financial Crisis Have On Orlando Real Estate

 Without a doubt the current financial crisis is having far reaching effects on everyone here in the U.S. and across the globe. We are all looking for answers but finding few positive results to those answers. The government and the financial markets have been feverishly trying to find solutions to prevent further meltdown of the banking system. When will this all end? What solution will fix all of this? When will the housing markets rebound? Whomever has this answer should become President of the World because no one knows this answer.

Speculation is everywhere and when you ask 100 people who work in the financial industry you will get 100 different answers. What I can tell you or anyone who asks is that markets go up and go down. While our current market conditions are “real bad” and let’s be honest with how bad it is, there is a HUGE potential for Buyers who are in the market looking.

Everyday someone will ask me is now the time to buy or should I wait until the market levels off. I tell them that this is possible one of the best housing markets ever to buy in. Sellers are in a panic and dumping homes at wholesale prices just to get rid of them, A 30 year fixed mortgage today is with good credit is 5.375%, Home selection’s and inventory are absolutely fantastic, And Central Florida’s economy is still very strong.

We hear everyone talk about basic fundamentals and wonder what does it mean. On a National level we might hear recession but on regional level such as Central Florida Real Estate our economy is much stronger because we are an international destination for travel as well as investment in Real Estate.

Orlando Real Estate fundamentals are solid and will rebound much faster than most communities across the country.So when I hear what do I think about the current financial crisis I say “if you are buying real estate, buy now because you don’t want to be the guy who says I should have bought a home in 2008-2009 when they were practically giving them away”.