Ways to Make a Home Sell Fast

It’s certainly no secret that about 90 percent of all home searches begin online, but what might surprise you, is that a good number of those, the vast majority, also end on the web. This is because buyers simply don’t waste their time on properties that don’t pique their interests. If they have an objection to what they see in the images and what they read in the listing description, they’ll just go on to the next home. So, you have to capture them at first sight, and do enough to make them want to see your home in person.

Top Features that Make Homes Sell

If you’re wondering how your property will perform against its competition, you ought to know which features make a home sell and which home improvements to avoid. According to a news report by Kiplinger, there are seven features which do the trick. First among them is a separate laundry room, enticing 93 percent of all buyers, followed closely by exterior lighting, which are high on the list of 90 percent of home buyers. Energy efficient windows take the third spot with 89 percent, while garage storage space is fourth in line, wanted by 86 percent.

“Quick fixes before selling always pay off. Mammoth makeovers, not so much. You probably won’t get your money back if you do a huge improvement project before you put your house on the market. Instead, do updates that will pay off and get you top dollar.” —HGTV.com

Very close in the number five position is an eat-in kitchen, capturing the fancies of an impressive 85 percent of all buyers. At parity in sixth place is a walk-in kitchen pantry, also with 85 percent. Dropping to just 50 percent of home buyers is a wireless security system, which seems to perform in a take-it or leave-it fashion. Other things buyers like in homes is plenty of light, great curb appeal that’s not a maintenance headache, and large garages.

Ways to Make a Home Sell Fast

Right now, the sales of existing single family homes is at a premium pace, but, it’s beginning to slow. The reason why is that interest rates are going up and will continue to rise. However, there’s still much to move the market because there’s new modeling for credit scoring, loosened lending standards, a variety of loan products, and although home prices are rising, they remain affordable. To take advantage of timing but not put in a whole lot of time and money, you can do the following to sell your home fast:

  • Price it right, but don’t discount too much. One of the biggest mistakes home sellers make is their listing price, also known as an asking price. A home priced based on comparable properties, with similar square footage, same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and like amenities are good quantifiers–that is, if they’ve already sold. Comparable homes active on the market are not for the very fact those properties have not yet sold. Price base on sold homes, and, shave a tiny bit off to make home buyers bite.
  • Maximize every square inch of storage space. Buyers love space, especially lots of storage space. From kitchen cabinets and pantries, to bathroom vanities and closets, to bedroom closets, attics, basements, and garages. One way to really get buyers’ attention is to maximize visible space by reducing those spaces to between thirty and fifty percent full. In addition, rearrange furniture to create a great flow and a sense of space.
  • Hide children, pets, and signs of the past. While you appreciate and love your children, pets, and have a fondness for those photos and knickknacks, buyers have a different take. Sure, they could well love kids and animals, but they will have quiet concerns about what damage has already been done. It’s worth repeating, buyers are interested in purchasing their new home, not your life.
  • Make small and strategic upgrades and updates. Change out cabinet hardware, clean tile grout, deep clean, and step-up the curb appeal. Little changes can have a big impact, just a bit of mulch around the mailbox and setting the dining room table will do more than you imagine.

Be sure to let in the light and keep your home as clean and organized as possible, and, be ready as well as willing to accommodate unscheduled showings.