Water Wars Of Central Florida

How much longer do we have in Central Florida before we begin to see the same severe water shortages that our neighbors to the north of us (Georgia) are facing. Uncontrollable growth and low annual rain falls have put tremendous pressure on the Florida Aquifer. Unless we begin to control a sustained growth and begin to mandate reduce water usage, we to will face water rationing and limited supply.

Water is a resource that need to be protected and used wisely. We can not live without clean water yet we waist it like it’s endless. Everyday our demand grows yet we continue to clear land for building. We need this land which helps regenerate our aquifer and is part of the watershed. At some point we will cross the point of no return unless we act now. We can all play a part in reducing our water usage by doing simple changes in our daily lives.

1.Take shorter showers

2.Fix leaking faucets/ toilets

3.Wash cloths when you have a full load.

4.Water later in the evening. Evaporation is less and you can water with less time.

5.Stop running the water while you brush your Teeth. (use a glass of water)