UCF Medical School Survives Budget Cuts


In a close call with the State House and Senate budget committee, the new UCF Medical School in Lake Nona appears to be getting most if not all the money that they have requested. Both chambers agreed to erase a budget short fall of 9% base cuts that were made earlier in the session. The medical school will end up with 19.9 million this year which is critical for UCF to hire and train faculty for the inaugural class that starts in August of 2009.


The UCF Medical School is a centerpiece for the planned medical city that when completed will be the hub for scientific research in Central Florida which will generate over 30,000 jobs and a projected tax revenue of over $460 million during the next 10 years. Located in South East Orlando, the Orlando Medical City will be host to world class research and biotech companies.


Students are expected to start full time at the new location currently under construction in Lake Nona when the new school year starts. While news of the full funding is great to hear, Dean of the Medical School (Dr. Deborah German) is optimistically cautious as she waits the legislature’s final vote for funding and Governor Charlie Christ signature on the bill.