What are the Top Swimming Pool Pros and Cons?

Swimming pools are ubiquitous in the Sunshine State. And, Orlando is certainly no exception. If you are entering the real estate market, be it the first time or as a repeat buyer, you’ve probably seen property listing that feature a pool. Now, the question becomes what are the pros and cons of a home with a swimming pool?

Does a Swimming Pool Increase the Value of a Home?

Before we get to that specific set of questions and answers, let’s take a look at the impact on value and resale value. The short answer is, yes, a pool generally increases the value of the home. In fact, a swimming pool boosts a home’s value by up to 7 percent. However, there are factors which make this a reality.

“Having a swimming pool in the backyard is a dream come true. You can almost taste the fun and excitement that come with it, especially during the summer. But there are also many things that can be perceived as inconveniences. So is owning a swimming pool cool or just incredibly stressful?” —homedit.com

The home must be in a good or upscale neighborhood. The home should also be in a warm climate (like Florida). The pool doesn’t take up the whole backyard. The pool is in good condition and comports well with style. And, it’s considered an amenity asset by a buyer. That means as a rule of thumb, a swimming pool does add some value to a house.

What are the Top Swimming Pool Pros and Cons?

Aside from value, what are the pros and cons of a pool? Well, the answers actually depend on the type of buyer. It’s all relative to who the buyer is and what they do and don’t want. Think about it this way, if a home has a dedicated media room with gaming equipment, that’s most attractive to families with children. But, it’s not a big draw from empty nesters. So, here are the top swimming pool pros and cons:

  • Pro — good exercise. Although many people look at a pool as purely a recreational amenity, it’s also great for exercise. You don’t have to go to a gym and wait for a machine to open. Instead, you can jump right in and do all kinds of calisthenics, and of course, laps.
  • Pro — nice relaxation. Perhaps the biggest draw of a pool is it provides a dedicated relaxation experience. It’s perfect to cool off during the summer. Plus, it makes for a scenic backdrop when you’re cooking out for guests. Or, dive in after a stressful day at work.
  • Pro — entertainment. Pool parties offer all sorts of fun. And, you can host these all year in Florida, especially if the pool is heated. It’s a terrific centerpiece for entertainment.
  • Pro — resale value. As mentioned above, a pool will boast a home’s resale value. And, it’s generally attractive to the majority of buyers. Only a small percentage of potential buyers see a swimming pool and a drawback to a house. Conversely, if there are few homes in the neighborhood with pools, that means the house with a pool will come with a higher listing price.
  • Con — pose a danger. Of course, it’s precisely this small percentage of buyers who will see a safety hazard (whether it’s a family with very young children or an elderly couple).
  • Con — maintenance costs. Maintenance expenses aren’t outrageous but they do exist. The good news is you can minimize this expense by going the DIY route. Or, you can opt to hire a service to keep it in tip-top condition.

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