Top 5 Reasons to Move to Orlando

When people think about the state of Florida, particularly the central region in Orlando, they think theme parks and entertainment of all kinds. While that’s true, it falls well short of all the area has to offer, for all ages and demographics. By the end of 2014, the Sunshine State moved into third place in terms of states ranked by population — only California and Texas have more residents. There are many reasons for people to relocate, which include work opportunities, health, taking advantage of new construction, or a totally different lifestyle.

What the peninsula in the southeast has to offer is simply more than one would first imagine. Though weather is likely what dominates popular perception, along with thousands of miles of white sand beaches, there’s more to it. Scenery and diverse culture are just two among many reasons to move to Orlando, but there are certainly more.

Top 5 Reasons to Move to Orlando

For example, the quality of schools is high, offering different learning environments, which include public, private, charter, and magnet. In addition, the state is known nationwide for its many fine institutions of higher learning. Moreover, homeschooling is an option in the Sunshine State. There are also a number of community colleges and vocational centers, which offer a variety of courses.

…the traits that make Orlando such a great place to live are farther-reaching than whatever you may have thought of first — including that world-famous mouse. Yes, there’s sunshine aplenty and temperatures that rarely dip below the 60s, but the charming neighborhoods, diverse population, robust employment and year-round recreation make this vacation hot spot a great place to put down roots. —

Economic growth is yet another reason why central Florida is a great place to call home. In this part of the peninsula, there are more and more large companies building presences. Such economic activities spread market force dynamics across the area. When companies establish a presence, it creates more jobs, which causes the need for improved infrastructure and new residential housing. Retailers are generally the first entities to follow large scale organizations, with other industries coming soon after.

While it’s certainly a destination location for vacationers and seasonal residents, there are five reasons to move to Orlando and call it home, year-round:

  1. Low taxes. The state of Florida has no income tax, and, offers homestead exemption for residential property owners. Not only are these advantages available, property taxes are already low, and, there is an annual sales tax holiday before each school year.
  2. Affordable cost of living. Because of the weather and infrastructure, along with plentiful commerce, the cost of living is relatively low — especially when compared to the northeast, midwest, and west coast. Automobiles enjoy increased longevity, utility costs are less expensive, and most other common living expenses are cheaper. Contributing to this is the fact that for about three to four months of the year, there’s no need to cool or heat homes.
  3. Great employment opportunities. Because the state is so business friendly, companies are enticed to opening operations or startup. This creates more jobs and fosters economic growth. The climate itself makes for a wonderful recruiting tool for talent looking to escape the winter chill.
  4. Wonderful weather. This bears repeating because it’s true on different levels. Firstly, there’s more days of sunshine here than practically anywhere else in the country. Because there’s more hospitable weather, there’s more outdoor recreational opportunities, which is better for healthy living.
  5. Ease of commuting. The SunRail system and other public transportation makes getting around a cinch. In addition, the city is small enough, yet modern and cosmopolitan, to have an easy to navigate road system.

If you are considering or nearing the processes of moving or relocating to the Orlando area, now is the time to speak with a local and experienced real estate professional. You’ll have the benefit of improving the ease of the process and learn about the area to make an informed decision.