Top 10 Cities for Foreclosures and Forclosures

To most people out there it may seem like I am talking about the same thing twice (I actually am) about foreclosures and forclosures. I recently ran a search on the top 10 cities for foreclosures and found out that most people when searching the word foreclosure spell is incorrect. This spelling error did not have a major impact on the search but it did prove that there can be different results when you misspell the key words that you are searching for. By dropping the “E” on foreclosure produced a slightly different search result when searching for Orlando Forclosure vs Orlando Foreclosure.

The results of the top 10 Cities for foreclosures remain the same regardless of how you spell foreclosure. Below is the most recent and updated list of foreclosure cities.

1. Las Vegas, NV, USA

2. Miami, FL, USA

3. Orlando, FL, USA

4. Tampa, FL, USA

5. Atlanta, GA, USA

6. Phoenix, AZ, USA

7. Charlotte, NC, USA

8. Richardson, TX, USA

9. Sacramento, CA, USA

10. San Diego, CA, USA