Swimming Pool Pros and Cons

Here in the Sunshine State and throughout central Florida, swimming pools are ubiquitous. Found in many places, including residential homes, communities, and more, pools help keep people cool and beat the heat. But for buyers on their house hunts, pools raise many questions. You know they provide countless hours of entertainment, relaxation, and exercise. But if it were all good, aside from cost, why doesn’t every home have a pool? To find out, let’s take a look-see at some swimming pool pros and cons.

Swimming Pool Pros

For several months of the year, pools are enjoyable. Because of the sub-tropical climate we have here in Orlando, the season is lengthier than in other parts of the country, particularly, the northeast, midwest, and northwest. As early as April and well into October (even November), it’s perfectly acceptable to splash about. So, this marks the first pro: a long swim season to enjoy. Here are some other swimming pool pros:

  • Exercise. One huge benefit of having a pool is the ability to exercise without having to go to the gym. Instead of packing a duffel bag, driving to the gym, and going through your routine, you can just suit up and dive in. It’s convenient because you don’t have to leave your home.
  • Relaxation. On the other side of the spectrum, a pool provides hours of relaxation. If you have a tough day at work, there’s nothing like free-floating about, with a refreshing beverage in your hand, basking under the sun.
  • Entertainment. Host a party around a pool your guests can enjoy. It makes a fabulous location and it’s what will make you the envy of your family and friends who don’t have a pool of their own at home.
  • Good resale feature. If there are several homes in the neighborhood with pools, then it makes a great resale feature. Because the property is in-line with other, comparable homes, right down the block.

There’s no getting around money when it comes to a pool. Yes, buying a home with a pool is generally less expensive than having one installed. But with the latest in construction innovation, it’s now less expensive than it was in years prior.

Having a swimming pool in the backyard is a dream come true. You can almost taste the fun and excitement that come with it, especially during the summer. But there are also many things that can be perceived as inconveniences. So is owning a swimming pool cool or just incredibly stressful? —homedit.com

Also, options abound. There’s an ability to customize a new installation and select from different materials. Unlike the past, pools are no longer cookie-cut fixtures with very few alternative features. Speaking of features, you can also equip it with a waterfall and take advantage of other options.

Swimming Pool Cons

Although pools have a number of good qualities, there are downsides to owning a house with a pool. Here are some swimming pool cons you should know about before you purchase a property so equipped:

  • Possible dangers. For children, elderly people, even adults and pets, a pool presents a safety hazard. Be sure it’s surrounded by a safety fence if you have small children and/or will have elderly guests visit.
  • Maintenance costs. A pool will increase your utility costs, but not substantially. However, you will still have to keep the water balanced, something that’s an added expense and more costly if you hire a service.
  • High repair expense. If something goes awry with the pool, expect it to be an expensive repair. Having to replace a pump or worse, having to resurface it will cost a lot.
  • Not a good resale feature. When it comes time to sell the house in the future, a pool can present a real challenge. That’s if there are few homes in the neighborhood without pools. It simply drives up your asking price over less expensive comparable properties.

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