Snow Birds From The U.K.

Here in Central Florida we have always thought that snowbirds only travel from the northern U.S. States and Canada. For the most part this is true, but lately we are seeing more of these “birds” flying in from the U.K. As more International buyers from England, Scotland, and Ireland buy vacation homes here in Florida, they are finding the weather too irresistible to leave. A strong currency and lower housing prices are making the Orlando area a perfect location for those looking to get out of the cold.

Most of these International buyers have extended vacation time which makes Central Florida a perfect home away from home. Retired clients will often spend the winter months in Florida and return home when the weather warms a bit in the U.K.

Realtors in the Central Florida area expect this trend to continue as more buyers from the U.K. reach retirement age.  The Orlando Real Estate market is perfect for these buyers who are looking for great prices that are close to major attraction and convenient to both coast.

So look out Northern Snowbirds, the International Snowbird is on its way.