Should I Add a Game Room To My Vacation Home??

We often get asked if it is important to have a game room as part of a vacation home property. The answer to this is simple, yes. While it may not be a requirement to have a vacation home is certainly adds to the overall rental ability of a property that has a game room.

Consider that most vacationer’s who are renting will travel with children or young adults. There will be days during their Walt Disney vacation that they will want to rest and relax at the vacation home. Having a room designated for games will help keep the kids entertained as well as enhance their stay at your Orlando vacation property.

You should consider games for all ages. When purchasing toys for children under 6, make sure they are safe for that age group. Video games are great for young teens but keep the selection of games family friendly. Remember that the Adults are on vacation as well so having a pool table or dart board will enhance their experience as well.

Most owners will use the garage space as a place for the game room. Make this area as comfortable as possible by adding outdoor carpeting to the floor, painting the walls, use fun posters or sports memorabilia to decorate, add extra lighting. All this can be done very inexpensively and you will see the returns from better rentals and higher rental rates.

A game room may make the difference for a renter who is looking for the overall vacation experience.  By adding games to your vacation property you will stand out from all the other rental properties. If the vacationers are happy staying at your property, they will most likely  come back to your property in the future and recommend your home to family and friends.