Selecting a REALTOR

When selecting a REALTOR you should choose someone who is going to represent your best interest in the home buying process. A REALTOR will help you select a lender who can place you in the best loan program to providing detailed information on any home listing. Your REALTOR represents you as a Buyers Agent.

If at any time during this process you are not sure about any phase of this process ask your Realtor. Your REALTOR is your source of expertise and knowledge throughout this whole process. A Realtor’s number one goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible as you progress through what should be a wonderful experience.

Your agent should be:

1. A full time Real Estate Agent.

2. Able to accurately explain what costs are involved in purchasing a home.

3. Able to provide you a Step by Step outline so you can follow the buying process of purchasing a home.

4. Able to educate you on the varying types of mortgages as well as provide you with qualified lenders. Discuss down payments and earnest money that may be required for the different types of loan programs.