Closing Day

A final walk through of the property will be conducted before closing on your new home. This is to ensure that any repairs have been made and that it is in the same condition as when originally contracted. Damage or missing appliances can become an issue and require further negotiations with the Sellers agent and will need to be rectified before the closing takes place.

For the closing you will be required to obtain a Cashiers Check or Certified Funds for any balance that is required to close. Do not bring a personal check as this will delay the closing until certified funds are obtained.

The Title Company will provide you with all the documents that will need to be signed. The settlement sheet (HUD-1) calculates all the fees from the different vendors and lender. Everything at this point will need your signature to be fully executed. Any outstanding balance will then be collected by the Buyer. Any amount that you over pay will be refunded back to you by the title company.

Now you’re a home owner!

After closing you will want to store your closing documents in a safe place. You may need them in the future for tax credits, refinancing, homestead exemptions or resale.