Sellers Overpricing Homes

In our current housing market with-over 32,000 properties for sale in the Central Florida area, the worst thing that a Seller can do is over price there home. Buyers are looking for and finding real bargains out there. Foreclosure homes, Builder Inventory homes, and well positioned Sellers are listing homes priced to sell. A Seller who overprices their home will find that they have no showings and often other sellers in the area will use that overpriced home to sell theirs.

By pricing your home competitively you will capture more attention by other Realtors, show a willingness to compete price wise, and get more showings. By looking at the current homes for sale in your community, you will see what other comparable properties are listed for. Let your Realtor show you current market trends and understand basic economics (Supply and Demand). By pricing your home competitively and underpricing your home, you will see that the current market is moving and homes are selling.