Positive Signs For The Orlando Housing Market


Well I have been preaching for months that the Real Estate market has been picking up. All the indicators have been showing positive signs of movement but the media has been slow to acknowledge.  Well I am here today to say that the media in Orlando is finally recognizing that home sales are starting to rise and local economist are saying that the bottom is hear.


Im sure that we can be argued back and forth about the bottom of the Real Estate market.  What we do know is that sales are picking up, inventory is dropping, interest rates are at historic levels, and Buyers are getting off the fence. No one can predict exactly when the market will shift back so by waiting, you might just miss out on good interest rates or the perfect home just to save a few thousand dollars.


As more data on home sales for Central Florida becomes available in 2009, we should be able to see the full direction of the housing market. As of this article, all signs are showing a positive trend for a market recovery. While this may take time for a full correction, we are beginning to see positive change nun the less. Your best advice it to contact a local Real Estate professional to get the latest market updates. You might be surprised to know that this is the market you were waiting to buy a home in.