Orlando Board Of Realtors Sees Drop In Renewal

It was reported that during this years renewal, over 1200 licenced Realtors did not renew with the Orlando Board Of Realtors (ORRA). While there was an expected drop due to the down turn in the Real Estate market, I don’t think they expected such a huge drop. Personally this is good news for those Realtors who plan to stay in the business. While there may be less business out there, the reality of fewer Realtors to compete will help balance the market out.

This is actually good news for consumers as those who do stay in the business are typically the best in the business. This means that consumers will be working with Realtors who can get the job done more professionally.

Also noted the Osceola Board of Realtors noted a drop of over 400 Realtors. So hang in there everyone and get back to basics. “Get Uncomfortable”