OK Home Buyers, Get Off Your Fence And Buy… NOW


So what would be keeping a home buyer from purchasing a home in this Market?  Is it the lowest interest rates that we have seen is over 50 years? Could it be the lowest home prices seen in years? What about the lowest new housing starts since the 1959? Could it be the new credit programs designed to help home buyers obtain financing? And let’s not forget about President elect Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus package.


All of the above should give you plenty of reason to get off the fence…. And fast. For Central Florida Real Estate we are starting to see the shift in the market as foreclosure homes are beginning to get snapped up very quickly. Foreign investors from the U.K.  are seeing tremendous value in the Orlando market and they are not waiting for someone to tell them “buy, buy, buy”.  Sales figures for existing homes in Central Florida for the last quarter in 2008 show a double digit increase over the same period in 2007. This statistic alone shows us that buyers are reacting to low priced of foreclosed homes.


While we expect the market to be soft well into 2010, the signs are showing that here in Central Florida that we “may” have hit bottom. Don’t expect to see an ad in the paper or a news cast report telling us that we hit bottom.  When it happens, it will be slow and unnoticed.


Make 2009 the year you hop off the fence. Don’t let this historic market pass you by. Talk to a local professional Real Estate agent to find out where all the housing deals are and make the smart move and buy a home.