New EPA Requirements For All Home Air Conditioners

2010 brings in new requirements for all replacement or new are conditioning units being installed in a home. Starting in 2010 all new units must be R410a refrigerant systems. The new federal law requires all manufacturers to stop production on systems that use R22 which contains ozone depleting chlorine and switch to R410a which is much safer for the ozone and more energy efficient.

Here in Central Florida where air conditioning is a must during the hot summer months, this change will be most notable. Homeowners looking to replace older R22 units will see a slight increase in the cost of these new systems. As R410a becomes more common in the market and R22 is phased out we should see these prices drop. It should also be noted that the production of R22 refrigerant is also being discontinued in 2010. This will create a supply shortage of R22 and watch for prices to increase dramatically as it becomes harder to find this refrigerant.

Homeowners may want to consider changing over their cooling units to the new R410a system in the near future. Not only are these new units more energy efficient and environmentally safer, older R22 units will cost more for repairs making a new unit more attractable to purchase.