New Construction Home Inspection Benefits You Should Know

A new construction home inspection is one of the best proactive measures buyers can take. Why? If it’s new, it can’t really have any issues, right? And, if there are problems, they’re bound to only be minor ones, right? Well, that’s certainly the thinking many people have about buying new construction. Amd, for the most part, new construction or newly built homes don’t present any issues. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t prudent to conduct a new construction home inspection.

Biggest Benefits of Buying New Construction

Of course, there are several advantages of buying new construction. For example, it’s modern, with the latest aesthetics and it will contain up-to-date amenities. Plus, a newly built home will function more efficiently. So, monthly utility costs and maintenance will also be less expensive.

“…builders often reject such arrangements, for a number of reasons. Some builders claim that this will void their insurance policy and are afraid that someone will get hurt during the inspections. Other builders don’t want their employees bothered by too many questions from the inspector, while other builders just say that ‘we will provide you with a house that has been approved by the county inspectors, so you do not have to worry.” —Realty Times

Then, there’s usually a bit more peace-of-mind with new construction as builders often extend a warranty. Couple that with the fact that it’s new, not having been lived in before, and newly built homes outperform resales. However, if you’re in the market to buy a house, you should still exercise some caution.

New Construction Home Inspection Benefits You Should Know

Okay, so new construction means a more customized experience. And, you get to make it your own. That sounds great but there are still plenty of reasons for conducting a new construction home inspection:

  • The builder can easily miss things. If you’re unfamiliar with residential development. Particularly when a neighborhood of homes are built, you might not know the primary builder isn’t always there to oversee things. In fact, it’s very common for the head general contractor to hire subcontractors and even sub-subcontractors. That means something could easily be subpar or outright missed. Think about the scale and you’ll quickly understand that it’s just not possible for the main builder to be there for every step.
  • Municipal building inspections are limited to minimal code standards. Of course it’s true that new construction requires an inspection. But, that municipal building inspection isn’t the same thing as a home inspection. The municipal inspector only checks to ensure the house is built in compliance with code. The municipal code inspector doesn’t look for material defects — which are minor to serious issues that devalue a home due to health and safety risks and/or mechanical issues.
  • If problems exist, you’ll know about them before you move into the home. Perhaps the biggest advantage of a new construction home inspection is the fact you’ll be alerted to any existing or potential problems before you actually move into the house. That’s a great thing because it helps to prevent inconveniences. And, it also gives you an opportunity to renegotiate with the home builder.

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