Moving Valuables: Tips and Tricks You can Use

Moving valuables is no easy task. These are things we treasure and don’t want to see damaged in any way. After all, nothing takes the thrill and excitement out of moving into a new home only to discover something valuable is damaged. Of course, accidents do happen. But, you can take proactive measures to help ensure your valuables get from one place to another in good condition. With just a little preparation, moving valuables properly can help add to the moments.

Most Important Things to Do when Moving into a New Home

There are some important things you need to do when moving into a new home. First and foremost is putting together an emergency kit. Just the basics are necessary. You should also locate the main electrical panel in your new home and become acquainted with it, as well. Also, find the master water shut off valve. Do these things so you know what breakers control appliances and outlets. And, when you need to shut off the water, you’ll know precisely where it is so you aren’t caught off guard.

“Nothing can take away the thrill of finally moving into a new home quite as quickly as discovering that something you love was damaged in the process. What’s even worse? If it’s something you love that’s also very expensive to repair or replace.
Accidents happen, and you can’t control everything that occurs after you put your precious belongings on the moving truck. But you can take some safeguards to protect your stuff before the big day
” —

Additionally, you need to check and test every smoke detector in the house. Plus, you should replace the exterior door locks. These latter two steps are for the sake of safety. You should know the smoke detectors are in good working order. And, that anyone with a key to the old locks can’t just walk inside. Be sure to give people extra keys so they have access when necessary.

Moving Valuables: Tips and Tricks You can Use

Now, when it comes to moving valuables, it’s best to be prepared in advance. While you can’t guarantee the safety of everything, you can do things to help them arrive in good condition. Here are some tips and tricks for moving valuables you can use:

  • Determine what’s valuable. Okay, so your jewelry and China are probably what you think about when you think about valuables. But, these certainly aren’t the only valuables you have in the house. For instance, what about those stuffed animals your kid loves so much? The point is, somethings don’t have much monetary valuable but are still valuable to you.
  • Take a photo inventory. When you determine what’s valuable, go ahead and make a list and then photograph those items. This way, you’ll have documentation if it’s needed in the future.
  • Label clearly. Next, be sure to make everything you pack easy to identify. In other words, label every box clearly, with a list of what’s inside attached to the outside of the box. Or, make a master list and assign each box a name and number.
  • Keep small valuables with you. One of best ways of moving valuables is to keep them by your side. Keep those items off the moving truck and with you. But, leave the big stuff to the pros. For example, a baby grand piano or an antique armoire.
  • Check everything before you go. Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee everything will arrive in perfect condition. Or, that everything will arrive at all. Be sure to take the time to check it all so you know it’s loaded up and ready-to-go.

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