Listing Photo Mistakes Home Sellers should Avoid

Listing photo mistakes can cost home sellers big time. Homes without great listing images will linger longer on the market and likely sell for less. Just how important are listing photos? Well, in a recent survey of homebuyers and sellers, 84 percent of respondents said they wouldn’t even consider purchasing a house if it didn’t have listing photos. So, a picture is worth far more than a thousand words when it comes to selling residential real estate.

Listing Photo Mistakes Home Sellers should Avoid

Creating a positive impression is a must when it comes to selling a house. And because the vast majority of homebuyers begin their search online, the listing photos are going to either pique interest or turn people off. You definitely want the former rather than the latter — just like you want to avoid certain types of buyers. It only takes a person between 7 and 10 seconds to form an impression about a property so the listing pictures must grab his or her attention.

In real estate, pictures need to say more than a thousand words — they need to say what your home is really worth. Cultivating drive-by curb appeal is still important for people who want to sell a home, especially if they want to sell quickly. But in the age of online listings, photos make the real impression on potential buyers. —CBS News

The listing description is equally important, including key details to entice buyers to put a home on their “must-see” lists. If you want to attempt to create and manage a multiple offer situation, it’s going to require great listing images. For this reason, it’s best to enlist the help of an experienced real estate professional and to consider hiring a pro photographer. But if you choose to take the pictures on your own, know the following listing photo mistakes home sellers should avoid:

  • Dark or low-light images. This no-no easily makes the all-too-obvious category but there are sellers who still publish dark and low-light pictures. It not only makes it difficult for buyers to discern what’s in the photo, it also creates a drab mood and that’s something you definitely need to avoid.
  • Blurry or crooked photos. Another all-too-obvious mistake are blurry and crooked images. Not only are these unsightly, they likewise demonstrate a lack of care and sincerity about selling the property. Buyers will also wonder why these are even part of the listing description.
  • Not focusing on what stays. While it’s great to take a picture of your beautiful dining set, neatly made with fresh flowers, none of that is staying. Focus on what’s going to be sold with the house, like new appliances, a remodeled kitchen and/or bath, and more. This doesn’t mean you can’t use such photos altogether, it just means put emphasis on the real selling features.
  • Out-of-date and timestamp photos. Some sellers are tempted to use older photos, even images which are out-of-date to save time. Don’t do this and be sure to take new pictures that best represent the best of the house in its current state. Also, avoid including photos with timestamps in your listing description. It looks amateur and awkward.
  • Including too many personal items. When you are taking pictures of the interior, do not photograph personal effects, possessions, and items. For instance images of the living room containing family pictures will be a turnoff to buyers.
  • Not maxing out the listing picture limit. The listing image limit should be maximized because the more good photos, the better. If you need more photos, include photos of the neighborhood or community amenities.

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