Writing an Offer

In general, most contracts for purchase of real property in the State of Florida are standard contract. Licensed Estate Agents in the State of Florida all use a standard contract for all properties. Estate Agents typically are not licensed as attorneys nor do you need an attorney to buy or sell Real Estate in Florida, however you do have the right to have an attorney present throughout the entire process at your own expense.

Offers are negotiated similar to most countries where Buyers and Seller try to reach a determined sale price. Once terms are agreed on, the contract is signed (executed) by both parties and the terms of the agreement are enforced. At this point both Buyer and Seller must perform in accordance to the contract terms to complete the sale. A breach of contract by either party can result in either loss of escrow or undetermined legal expenses.

If you are unsure about what you are signing or do not know your rights, always seek legal counsel first before you sign any documents. Real Estate contracts are legal binding agreements between 2 parties, claiming ignorance is no excuse to back out of a contract. It is very important to know that all contracts have time specific dates that both parties agree on. As long as you stick to the agreed dates and follow the terms of the contract you will be fine. If you fall outside the agreed terms you risk losing your escrow deposit.