How to Unpack after Moving into a New Home

When you move from one property to another, you’ll do a lot to prepare. Scheduling utilities to be turned off at your old place and turned on at your new residence, paring down possessions prior to moving, making plans for work interruptions, and so on. You’ll probably also spend quite a bit of time getting things organized and packing neatly so you know precisely what goes where. After you make the move, and everything is unloaded, you’ll be staring at a mountain of boxes and be standing in a maze of furniture. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed in such circumstances, and, can be confusing about where to begin. You need a plan for how to unpack after moving into your new home.

How to Unpack after Moving into A New Home

Where some homeowners go wrong with their initial unpacking and organizing is not having a game-plan. While that might sound like it’s over-complicating the matter, the truth is, this is precisely why the process drags out unnecessarily long. When this happens, you’ll become frustrated, throw your hands in the air, and just put whatever anywhere to get it out of the way. You’ll rationalize this as something you’ll get to later on, but, the more time goes by, it will fall off your priority list.

“Your move is now two-thirds of the way done! The last part is unpacking and getting settled into your new home. This can be the phase that takes the longest, but can also be the most fun. Unpacking gives you a chance to get the house organized – you know, the way you’d like to keep it all year, but it never works out that way. When you start wading through the sea of boxes, there should be a method to your madness.” —Home

What you need to make your new house into a home is an actionable plan. This will help you to make better organization choices so you have a little room to spare, and, will allow you to have the most necessary items ready-to-go at a moment’s notice. Here are some helpful tips on how to unpack after moving into your new home:

  • Clean and disinfect. Even if you’re moving into a new construction home, you’ll want to have the reassurance it’s clean and germ free. Start with the kitchen and then into the bathrooms, moving into the living room, dining room, and then to the bedrooms. Any other common areas can wait for a little while longer.
  • Check all your belongings. You should begin checking your belongings to ensure all are present and undamaged. Go through the boxes with cursory checks and look over furniture and other items to ensure there’s nothing wrong.
  • Unpack your necessities box. If you packed a necessities box containing snacks, tools, some basic toiletries, basic kitchenware and other “lifesavers,” now is the time to unpack it. You’ll probably need at least a few of these items in a short period of time after arrival.
  • Set appliances and furniture in-place. Start with the biggest appliances and furniture by putting these in-place, then, it will be easy to situate smaller items later on. This will also allow you to get a feel for the arrangement to see if it does or doesn’t work.
  • Get the bed in-order, complete with bedding. Now, it’s time to set up your bed and put the bedding down. You’ll thank yourself later on when it’s late and you’re too tired to do anything else.

Once your bed is set up and ready to use, move on to the bathroom, where you’ll unpack your toiletries and medications. You can then go into the kitchen a breakout needed kitchenware. Kitchens take a long time to unpack and organize, so, only unpack what’s necessary at first. In addition to these steps, you can then start to move onto other things to start enjoying your new home.