How to Convert a Shed into a Pool House

Now is a great time to convert your shed into a functional pool house. It’s not only great for summer, it’s also ideal for cooler months. So, when it’s too chilly outside to go in the pool, you’ll still have a wonderful, dedicated space to relax and entertain.

Converting a Shed into a Pool Cabana

Converting a shed into a pool cabana only requires some simple modifications. Though these will entail quite a bit of elbow grease and a set of helping hands, they aren’t difficult. The project will take a couple to few weekends to complete. But once done, it will deliver a wonderful retreat. Plus, it provides an exquisite feature for you, your family and friends, to enjoy.

History does not recall when or where early man constructed the first single family home. But what is fairly certain, whoever this first Homo sapiens homeowner was, he built the first backyard shed shortly after moving in. Mankind has been building sheds in one form or another ever since to store and organize the stuff that we need to live civilized lives. Nowadays, sheds can fill so many different functions, are easy to construct, and can be an enhancement to the home, not only functionally, but also aesthetically. —Home

One reason to convert a shed into a pool cabana is it’s less expensive than buying a prefabricated, unassembled structure. In addition, you’ll be in control of how simple or elegant the finished product will be. You can elect to wire it for electricity, install a water and drain line, or, forgo those systems for alternatives like lamps and coolers.

How to Convert a Shed into a Pool House

When you’re ready to start your conversion, you should be in-the-know about how to proceed and what to do in order to make it look its best:

  • Location. While it’s still empty and weighs less, this is the time to decide if it’s situated in the right place. Most sheds are purposely positioned to be away from pools, patios, and decks, allowing for more green area in between. When it’s no longer a shed, but a pool house, you’ll want it to be in a convenient location for ease of access.
  • Installing new doors and windows. One thing sheds aren’t known for is aesthetics and light. Once the structure is in-position, you can remove the old doors and install new ones, preferably French doors or something similar. In addition, you can cut out a few areas and install windows to maximize light, giving it a more welcoming look, and, providing improved air flow on cool, breezy days. If you’re bold enough, you can install a skylight to really maximize light and create a sense of openness.
  • Install insulation. Sheds are designed to be a barrier against the outdoor elements, but only to a point. These structures aren’t climate controlled, so, even if you dress-up the interior, it could be uncomfortable in some conditions. Installing insulation will keep the space more comfortable and when covered by wood or sheetrock, will have a truly finished look.
  • Install electrical wiring. When the sun goes down, lack of light will be an issue. If you’d like to be able to use the space in the evening, you can install electrical wiring to provide light, or, use battery powered lamps. If you opt for electrical wiring, you’ll be able to install a refrigerator to store drinks and temporarily store food. To finish the project, you’ll can install exterior lighting for a great visual effect.