How to Beat Backyard Heat

The beautiful sunshine is waiting to be soaked-up, it’s just a bit too uncomfortable to stay outdoors for long. Making it less palatable is the fact you’ve done enough yard work to turn you off to the prospect of suffering the heated conditions. Nevertheless, you still yearn to journey outside and enjoy yourself, it’s just how to make it a more comfortable environment that’s really holding you back. You need some tips and tricks that will beat the backyard heat.

Be Smart when Staying Cool

Of course, water is a fundamental body temperature cooler and it’s recommended by experts as a way to stay hydrated. However, what many people don’t know is the danger of constantly consuming too much H2O. The body only needs so much and if the balanced is tipped, it can lead to water intoxication. Known scientifically and to the medical community as “dilutional hyponatremia,” is a condition in which the normal balance of electrolytes is thrown-off. The results can be quite serious, causing swelling around the brain, which might lead to seizures, a coma, or even death.

Now that the high temperatures have really kicked in, it’s only natural to want to stay as cool as possible. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the money to spend blasting the air conditioning all summer long. You can quickly cool off – and stay refreshed all day and night – without spending a bundle, or even anything at all. —US News and World Report

Aside from the scary health risks, too much water isn’t a good thing for your landscaping or your utility bill. If your cooling requires a lot of water, be careful of doing the same to your landscaping. Sure, plants and flowers need to be irrigated regularly, but too much will essentially drown them.

Ways to Beat Backyard Heat

So you know to stay hydrated by drinking water and you can add a bit of flavor with lemonade and ice tea. Drinks won’t be enough, though, you’ll need a bit more to better beat backyard heat. Here are some suggestions to do just that:

  • Install a pergola. If you erect a pergola, you not only add style and a focal piece, but also some great functionality. Work-in vines and that creates a beautiful shady spot to block the sun and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Add a cool water feature. A water feature can be soothing as well as useful. With the right design, it will do more than look nice, it will be a source of water play for all to enjoy.
  • Downsize the hardscaping. You may have gone a bit too far when you uprooted all that grass and installed decorative hardscaping, which is now drawing and trapping heat. That creates steamy, uncomfortable conditions when the heat is on. So, if you cut it back, it will help to mitigate the conditions.
  • Plant a fruit and vegetable garden. If you have a covered patio or deck and it can support the weight, plant a garden over it. The garden will absorb the sun and it will produce some great tasting food.
  • Put-in a fire pit. A fire pit? That’s crazy, you say! Hold your initial incredulity, because it’s a place to gather during the decidedly cooler evenings. What’s more, it doubles as a grill for great nighttime, after sunset cookouts.
  • Install misters over your deck or patio. Water comes into play once again here and misters are a great way to beat the heat while providing a very cool aesthetic feature, if done right. Place them strategically to get the most out of them and be sure to test their effectiveness before finishing-up the installation.
  • Add an outdoor kitchen. This is for the bold and those who can’t bring themselves to outright abandon their beloved grill during the summer months. With an outside kitchen, you’ll not only have a fully functional place to prepare and cook meals, you’ll also have quick and easy access to a refrigerator, stocked-up with cool drinks and frozen treats.

If you love your outdoor space but aren’t cool with the heat making it unbearable, use these tips and tricks to reclaim your summer seized backyard and enjoy it once again.