Homebuyer Types Sellers should Always Avoid

A few homebuyer types or certain personalities, just won’t make for a good match. And, home sellers should be well-aware of which to avoid, if it all possible. Selling a house is difficult enough. You don’t need someone on the other end of the transaction who is turns it into a never-ending drama. Or, makes practically impossible to actually close the sale. So, if you spot one or more particular warning signs, it will likely save you a whole lot of time and frustration.

Things Home Sellers Must get Right

As a seller, there are important aspects to get right from the get-go. For instance, preparing the house to show. This doesn’t mean just picking up and putting things away here and there. It means staging. And, staging means purging as much as possible, deep cleaning, disinfecting, and depersonalizing. Basically, transform your home into a model house that’s attractive to buyers.

“Not only is their home the biggest single asset most people own, but it’s also filled with memories — the average seller has lived in his house for a decade, according to the NAR. So it’s no wonder that when it comes time to sell property, people can get a little emotional. Yet if people actually want to get a return on their investment in their home, they need to be smart about how they approach selling it. Letting emotions, not logic, drive decisions means you’re more likely to make mistakes that can make it difficult to find a buyer or force you into accepting a lower offer than you would like.” —USA Today.com

To do this best, keep this in-mind. Homebuyers want to see properties that are move-in ready but don’t look lived in. While that’s a bit confusing at first, it will become crystal clear later. Also, pricing the house right is key. If you don’t price it in-line with the market, it just won’t attract serious interest and it will linger on the market. Plus, you’ve got to make it available at any given time.

Homebuyer Types Sellers should Always Avoid

Now, when you’re selling your house, you’ll encounter different types of personalities. If you spot one or more of the following signs, chances are excellent you’re in for trouble ahead. So, try to avoid these types of homebuyers to retain your sanity:

  • The nitpicker. Some people like to verbalize or list every little flaw or problem they see with a home. The nitpicker is definitely one such personality. Someone who will point out every little thing and won’t let it go. Even if it’s fixed, they’ll just move onto the next thing, leaving you as the seller wondering why they stick around.
  • The unapproved borrower. This is most assuredly one type of “homebuyer” you don’t want taking up any of your time. Good buyers’ agents won’t show properties to people who aren’t pre-approved for a mortgage. But, that’s not always under their control. If you learn the so-called buyer isn’t already approved for a home loan, you’re in for a world of disappointment.
  • The all talk, no action type. You might meet a potential buyer who talks up the house. They point out all the stuff they like most and seem very eager to move ahead with a purchase. But, through every step, they hesitate or procrastinate. This is a bad scenario and it’s one to avoid from the very beginning.
  • The go-it-alone DIY homebuyer. Another one to avoid is the loner. The person who shows up without a real estate professional and insists they don’t need any help from one. Beware because someone who isn’t intimately familiar with the process will cause you a whole lot of grief.

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