Governments Are Making Property Ownership Easier For Foreign Nationals.

With the Global demand for Real Estate suffering, Governments around the Globe are easing restrictions for Foreign Nationals looking to purchase properties in other countries. The changes in ownership laws and reduction in fees to investors is hoped to spur investment across the Globe.

The easing of restrictions is most notable in the Caribbean Nations, China and Australia where these governments have realized that foreign investment is critical to their Real Estate markets. The U.S. has always been investment friendly for foreign nationals. Investors worldwide have always viewed the U.S. as a great place to invest because of our stable government and recently great opportunities for Real Estate in our current housing market.

It should be noted that most of these easing of restrictions are temporary. Foreign Nationals looking to invest should take advantage now while these government friendly programs are in place. As Global economies improve and Real Estate markets improve property restrictions will be phased back in.