Foriegn National Loans For U.K. Buyers

Lately there has been some good news from several lender and banks in regards to financing for Foreign National loans in the Orlando area. In the past few years trying to find financing for these types of loan has been difficult and in some cases near impossible. This is beginning to change and I now have 2 very good lenders that are offering good loan products for Foreign Nationals.

With these new loans you can expect the requirements to be somewhat strict but workable. Minimum down payment requirements are at least 30% and a U.S. bank account with sufficient assets must be open for a minimum of 30 days. There are also credit requirements that are required by each lender as well.

Below is the contact information for both lenders so you can get more information about these new loans. These lenders are located in the Central Orlando area and may not be able to write loans outside of the Florida market so be sure to ask which States the loans are acceptable in.


Dan Schedivy
CFL Consultants LLC

James Holmes
Regions Bank