Foreclosed Home or Party House?

With the vast number of vacant foreclosed home out on the market; it was just a matter of time for these properties to become the latest hang out for teenage kids. These properties have often been left vacant for month’s without any maintenance or property management to look over these homes. They are often vandalized for appliances or fixtures throughout the homes. Now these homes are becoming the hangout of choice for kids looking for a place to party.
Recently a large 4000 square foot home outside of the Fort Myers area had become the Party House for a large group of teenagers looking for a place to throw a wild party. The partygoers broke windows, kicked holes in the walls, and spray painted graffiti all over the house. The home, foreclosed by Wells Fargo had over $75,000 in damage. Luckily police arrived in time to arrest the partygoers and save the house from further damage. This is one home that the vandals were caught.
Unfortunately most homes that are victims to vandals do not fair quite as well. These types of properties will continue to be targets for those who find opportunity in robbing them or by teenagers looking for a place to hang out on a Saturday Night. So when your teen’s say they are going to hang out at the neighbors house, you might just want to ask them; “which one”?