Florida Vacation Homes For U.K. Buyers

December is typically a slow month for Real Estate sales across the country as both Buyers and Sellers are busy focused on the upcoming Holiday’s rather that Real Estate. Here in Central Florida that trend is also true but there is one bright spot in our market that does give Orlando Real Estate a little boost.

During the Holidays we see a big influx of U.K. travelers who are mostly visiting Central Florida to see Walt Disney World and the other theme parks. But some of these travelers are here to buy Vacation Homes. This is actually a great time of year to purchase a vacation home as some Sellers have become very anxious to sell there homes as showings have dropped to almost zero.

With a strong currency and a very soft housing market, the U.K. buyers are finding tremendous deals that were not available to them just a few years ago. With big down-payments or cash offers, you can bet that Sellers here will be jumping through hoops to make these deals happen. Most of these U.K. buyers are looking for second homes or Vacation Homes close to the attractions. This type of property not only meets the needs of the Buyer when they are vacationing but they make a great investment opportunity as a short term rental when the homes are not being used by the owner.

So for all the Sellers in the Orlando area, don’t give up hope entirely for the month of December. You might just find that your Christmas gift from Santa is a cash buyer all the way from the U.K.