Florida Ranks #1 For International Buyers

According to the latest survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Florida ranks as number 1 for International Buyers. A foreign buyer is described as someone who’s principal residence is outside the U.S. Despite our housing shift, International Buyers are finding significant values in purchasing second homes here in the states. Lower prices along with their strong currency against the dollar and interest rate drops are creating a high demand.

Top Ten State Destinations For International Buyers 

  1. Florida             26%
  2. California         16%
  3. Texas               10%
  4. Arizona             6%
  5. New York         4%
  6. Colorado            3%
  7. Illinois               2%
  8. Ohio                   2%
  9. Georga               2%
  10. North Carolina  2%

Florida take the top spot because of several factors that include warm weather, great vacation destination, all sorts of water sports, terrific beaches, and great home prices. While most International Buyers purchase a second home for vacation purposes we are seeing a strong number buying for investment opportunities. Vacation homes located near Disney are perfect for both types of International Buyers and the current inventory of properties offer plenty of options.

This is a great time for these buyers to get into the Florida market. We should expect this trend to continue into the forceable future as more International Buyers see not only the great value but the wonderful Florida Lifestyle that we all have come to enjoy.