Florida Property Tax Proposal…Take 127

The banners are waving and both the Governor and the Legislature are touting another success for property tax reform. Yet I can’t help but see this as another weak attempt to get “something” passed. Not only are the vultures (Lawyers) circling the lasted proposal but the reduction in the average tax bill will be so small that most homeowners will see little effect.

This latest proposal includes Portability by wheres a current homeowner can transfer there tax benefits to a new home when they sell there current home. The argument is that current owners won’t sell because they lose the benefits of a lower tax bill. In some cases a Sellers tax bill will triple when they purchase a new home. We have seen this all to often in the Orlando area as home prices in the past few years skyrocketed.

The solution is to take their tax credits with them. This however creates an unfair advantage to those homeowners and this is where the arguments will begin. What about first time home buyers? investors? This is a complicated problem and one that will take real leadership. This was one of Governor Christ campaign platforms. I would like to see him follow this all the way through and not just throw out ideas and see which one sticks.