First-Time Homebuyer Final Walk-Through Checklist

A first-time homebuyer final walk-through checklist is a great resource. It’s a fabulous way to gauge the property one last time and to take an assessment of this and that. Basically, it’s an opportunity buyers should eagerly seize. Even if you’ve been in the house multiple times before, this is part of the home buying process you should not skip. It’s just too good an opportunity. Plus, it’s a chance to be-in-the-know at the last moment.

What is a Final Walk-Through?

So, what is a final walk-through and why is it important? Well, as you might conclude from the term, it’s the last chance to walk-through a property before closing (it’s generally scheduled days or hours before settlement). During this time, you’ll have the freedom to note anything that’s out-of-line with the sales contract. (For instance, the seller neglected to make specific, agreed repairs.)

“After the negotiations, home inspection, and repairs, saying that you’re excited to sign on the dotted line and close on your new house is an understatement. You’re ready. However, it’s standard for you to take one more walk-through of the home before closing — and you shouldn’t take this task lightly. Even if you’ve already scoured the place, it’s possible you missed something, and you definitely don’t want to spend money on a repair after you close and those mortgage payments start.” —

It’s important precisely because of its timing. Since it occurs before the closing, you can bring up any issues. So, take advantage and be vigilant. Check the exterior, the doors, windows, closet spaces, bathrooms, the kitchen for any damage or missing items. Basically, you’re conducting a mini-home inspection.

First-Time Homebuyer Final Walk-Through Checklist

Now, onto the checklist. First, let’s take a look at the condition of the house. Most contracts stipulate the seller leaves the property in “broom swept” condition. Which just means what it states. It doesn’t need to be spotless. When you conduct your final walk-through, these are the items to most closely scrutinize:

  • HVAC. Here in the Sunshine State, air conditioning is known as a “forced amenity.” Which just means you can’t really live without it. So, turn on the central heat and air and let it work. (You’ll also have to brave the heat for a little while to ensure it warms the house for the short winter months.) Check the vents for airflow and take note of the temperature.
  • Electric. It’s smart to bring along a nightlight. Plug it into the electrical outlets and be sure to turn the lights on and off. Also, test ceiling fans to ensure these work properly. Turn the exhaust fans on and off in the bathrooms, as well. And, don’t forget to check the exterior lights and power outlets, too.
  • Plumbing. Test the plumbing by turning the faucets on and off. Also, let the water heat up and cool down again. Flush the toilets in the bathrooms. And, take careful notice of the water pressure. If so equipped, operate the irrigation system by turning on the lawn sprinklers. Additionally, check the pool pump and other equipment.
  • Appliances. If the contract stipulates the seller will leave the major appliances in the house, then test each one. Open and close the doors, turn them on and off. Be sure to check things like the ice dispenser and ice maker (if applicable), along with the garbage disposal, microwave, and hood fan.

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