Fall Has Arrived In Orlando

This past weekend’s weather again proves why I live in Orlando. With temperatures in the low 70’s and little humidity it was the perfect weekend to be outside. It’s amazing how a few cool days  can make you forget about the loooong hot and humid days of July and August. Even the dog had a bounce in her step as she played in the back yard.

It’s almost like the cool weather revitalized my spirits. I found myself waking up early just to get outside. Saying hello to the neighbors who themselves are outside enjoying the weekend weather. I actually cut my grass without sweating and enjoyed the work. It’s funny how chores become more tolerable in the Fall.

Not wanting to let the weekend pass, I took the family and dog out to the Fall Art Fair in downtown Orlando. A perfect event to mark the beginning of a wonderful fall day.  You could almost feel the energy in the air as we walked around Lake Eola. Strangers were polite and friendly and the day passed by with a care free feel. If only every day could be like that. Its as if for just this one day I didn’t have to think about all the stresses and problems in my life and I could just enjoy living here in Orlando.  I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.