Fall Cleaning

Now that we have survived another hot Florida summer, it’s time to get back out in the yard and trim those bushes. Here in Central Florida summer seems to last all the way to Thanksgiving. Now is the time that you want to get outside and do some basic yard work to get you landscaping back into shape.

Pruning bushes and applying a slow release fertilizer on your lawn will help your landscape survive the cooler weather and thrive when we go into spring. Remove dead or dying plants and plug barren spots on your lawn. Cooler weather is the best time to fight weeds such as crab grass that has take over your lawn. Be careful with any chemical that is used to treat weeds as some may kill even healthy grass. It is best to talk with a professional about your lawn before you apply any chemicals of fertilizers.

Remove all overgrowth of plants away from your home. While this may look attractive, plants that grow to close can grow into window screens, air conditioners, promote the growth of mold, and shelter bugs.

A good looking landscape that is healthy not only is easier to maintain but will add values to your home. So use the cool weather to get out and enjoy your yard.