End of year brings bargains for Buyers

With the end of 2008 winding down and the normal sales season coming to a crawl, home buyers need to keep their eyes open hot Real Estate deals. There are plenty of foreclosures currently listed that are priced to sell but let’s not forget about the normal seller who has the ability to price their home to sell just as fast.

These Sellers often get worried during the slow winter months that their home is not getting any activity and often drop price in efforts to attract buyers. These price drops often do not correlate with the current market conditions. Sellers view the slow season as a time where no one is showing their home so they feel that price is the main reason for slow activity. This slow activity often results in the seller dropping their sale price to boost showings and to attract a possible buyer. What the seller often forgets is that this is a normal market cycle and by lowering their sale price, they tend to drop below normal market prices.

Now this is not to say that every seller will drop their home price or become irrational with discounting the sale price but there are sellers who will be more aggressive during this time of year in order to get out. Home buyers should be on the lookout for deals in areas that they are shopping. As seller is more likely to take an aggressive offer this time of year than at any other time just because they feel pressured by the slow season.

So for all those buyers sitting on the fence, here is another reason to get out there now to make a home purchase for 2008. Great deals are out there and let’s be honest, the slow economy and Real Estate market will eventually rebound. Now is the time to buy and say to everyone down the road that you were the one who bought a home at one of the best possible times.