Dollar Gains Slighly on the British Pound

For the thousands of British travelers visiting Central Florida, Orlando has been an extreme value. The conversion from the British Pound to Dollars has been very favorable for U.K. travelers. Lately the trend of the strong Sterling Pound has been creeping back as the U.S. dollar is seeing some slight gains and the signs of a credit problems are starting to rise in the U.K.

For the Orlando tourist economy this may have some impact as U.K. travelers will have less to spend during their holiday travels. For those travelers looking to purchase Real Estate here in Central Florida the cost will increase as the Pound drops over the Dollar. While the drop has been very small in relative terms, the psychological impact may cause U.K. travelers to spend less or put large purchases on hold.  

As we say in Real Estate, now is the best time to buy especially for U.K. buyers. With a large amount of inventory at low prices and the strong British Pound, now is the time to invest here in the Central Florida Real Estate market.