Central Florida Home Buying Outlook For 2010

2010 is here so what does the Real Estate outlook for Central Florida look like for the coming year. We can expect pretty much the same as 2009. With all 5 year ARM loans coming due, we can expect a fresh round of foreclosures for the year.  The American Banking Association (ABA) is expecting 1.9 million foreclosures for 2010 slightly up from 2009.

Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors expects 2010 to be another favorable year for home buyer as market conditions and tax credits are boosting home sales throughout the country. First time home buyer $8000 tax credit was extended to April 30th so we can expect the first quarter for the year to be very busy with buyers looking to take advantage of this tax credit.

The vacation home market which was hit the hardest with foreclosures is seeing many bargain hunters and investors looking to take advantage of this segment of the housing market. For Central Florida this is no exception. Vacation homes around the Walt Disney area were hit hard with foreclosures as many owners saw their property values plummet on high price properties that were purchased during the boom years. With values cut almost in half, vacation properties are seeing many international buyers come into the market who had passed on properties during the peak years of home sales.

Overall we can expect a steady stream of foreclosures for 2010 making the year another banner year for home buyers. Tax credits and favorable pricing will drive the sales throughout 2010. While inventory will be steady buyers can also expect competition from investors looking to pick up hot foreclosure properties.