Can Foreclosure Homes Pose A Health Risk To Local Communities??

We all have driven by homes that look like they are in shambles. Tall grass growing outside and vacant inside. But what we may not know is that there could be a health risk associated with these vacant properties. Here in Central Florida the amount of foreclosure homes is still on the rise with no sign of slowing. Are we in heading for a potential health risk in our communities?

Homes require regular maintenance to keep then in shape whether it is cutting the grass, fixing a leaky faucet, painting, repairing cracks. Well a house that is not maintained is at risk of having these basic problems becoming huge problems not only for the house but for those that surround it.

A leaking pipe that is not noticed can flood the flooring causing damage and promoting a huge mold problem. Home with pools that are left untouched can become a green pond that becomes a breading ground for mosquitoes. Unkept lawns can be potentially dangerous for children as debris and rodents may begin to find refuse in the tall grass.

Homeowners Associations and County code enforcement officials are taking notice and trying to for the owners to maintain their properties. This has however been difficult as most properties have been left to the banks and lawn and property maintenance is the last of their worries.

Some communities are trying to pass ordinances that will require the banks to pay a fee to have a property management firm watch the property until it is sold. What ever the solution is, the longer these properties stay vacant, the more of a potential health risk they pose.

Steve Glose

The Florida Living