New Home Construction

The services of a REALTOR are widely used by Buyers who purchase existing or resale homes. Our knowledge and expertise in each community is passed on to our clients so they can make the best informed decision on any property that they may be purchasing. This same expertise also applies to the purchase of New Home Construction. Your REALTOR not only compares the builder’s subdivision but also the surrounding areas to give an accurate assessment of home valuations for the entire community.

Listed below are 6 reasons why you need a REALTOR to represent you when you purchase a New Home:

  1. The Builders Salesperson is employed by the Builder and represents the Builder. As a Realtor, The Florida Living Team represents you and your best interest.
  2. The Builders Contracts are written to protect the Builder. You may not be aware of the many written clauses and restrictions that may effect your buying decision. The Florida Living Team can help you understand the many Builder restrictions.
  3. Most Buyers think that they will get a better price if they do not use a REALTOR when in fact they do not get any extra incentives. The Realtors commission is built into the overall pricing of the home and is distributed back to the Builder if no REALTOR is used. The Builder will not discount a home in order to protect ongoing appraisals for other new home buyers and protect values of Buyers who later become Sellers.
  4. The Builder often will limit the types of Lenders they allow you to use if they are going to assist in closing cost. A Builders primarylender may be charging higher closing fees as well as points. Your REALTOR can show you how this might effect your payments in the long run.
  5. The Builder makes all the rules and as such you need a Realtor to help sort through all these rules and regulations.
  6. The Builder makes tremendous profits on upgrades and added options. Some of these upgrades might be nice but do not help increase your homes value or energy efficiency. Your REALTOR can help you decide which options will give you added value and which ones are priced most effectively.

Keep in mind that a builder will not encourage the services of a Realtor. The builder may fear that the REALTOR will suggest other properties or builders in the area and loose out on a potential sale. It is in your best interest to use the services of a REALTOR to find you the best value, protect your interest, save you time and money, and minimize stress. Always coordinate your initial visit to a builder’s model center with your Realtor. If you visit on your own, tell the sales representative that you are working with a REALTOR and provide them with a business card. Be careful of signing anything without your Realtor, this may deny you the representation that you deserve.