Buyer’s Take Advantage

With the Holiday fast approaching, sales of new and resale home take a nose dive. This is typical for this time on year throughout most of the country but add in a housing slump and it is sure to make this slow season one for the record books. Sales in the Orlando area are near rock bottom and Sellers are getting worried.

Here is where all those Buyers need to take notice. November and December are a great time to get out and purchase a home. The selections of properties are huge and most Realtors will have the time to dedicate to there Buyers. Best of all is that the Sellers will be very anxious to any prospects that come knocking on their door. These sellers may feel that if they don’t jump on any offer that they may not see one for quite some time.

So all you Buyers, get off the fence and start looking now. Take advantage of the current market conditions and get yourself into a home now while prices are low. And don’t forget to use a Realtor to help you find those great deals.