Builders Find Green In Building Green Homes

Home Builders are finally catching on to a growing trend of “green revolution”.  With the launch of a National Green Building Program, Central Florida home builders are beginning to implement more green building practices to make homes more energy efficient and environmentally neutral. This practice is long overdue in my opinion. Home builders for years have stayed away from green building products as cost for building green are higher and are not competitive with regular building materials. These high cost are passed on to the consumer which prices these green homes out of the market.

The new green initiative however is taking root as more consumers are seeing the benefit of long run savings on utilities and an environmentally friendly home. As green products become more widely used, we will see prices become more affordable. This is the key for all the home builders “affordability”. It has been a hard sell for a builder to explain to a buyer that a green roof will cost thousands more upfront but in the long run they will save more money. Most buyers wont be in that home long enough to enjoy the cost savings as the average household moves every 5 years so justifying the added expense becomes a hard sell for builders.

It is now up to the home builders to take the lead in green home construction and show the general public the advantages of buying green. Whether it is environmental, economical, or morally correct, it is a step in the right direction for new home construction.