Builder Designs Vacation Home For Disable Visitors

With the nations population aging, Central Florida builders are taking notice of a trend in home building. Builders are start building homes that contain features that are designed for the disabled. As one builder stated “If 20% of the people can’t come here because of the disability, thats significant. Even if its 5%, its significant.”

As this trend grows, we will see more builders take hold of the idea that just meeting the standards of the Americans with Disabilities act is not enough. By offering upgrades that meet the needs of the disable, not only are they helping there clients with their particular needs but they are also finding a niche that could be quite profitable.

I say its about time that these builders take notice. With over 55 million disabled Americans willing and financially able to travel, building homes that will meet the needs of these potential buyers is huge. I suspect as this trend grows, we will see more builders try to grab more of this market.