Best Kitchen Makeover Ideas

We all know the kitchen is the most visited room in our homes, and, these helps to define properties. Homes listed for sale with great kitchens, even lacking in other areas, still attract buyers simply because of their appeal. So, it’s little wonder why homeowners elect to put money into upgrades and makeovers. These can range from a total renovation, stripping the entire space of all its parts, to minor updates.

In both cases, these remodeling projects earn some of the highest return on investments, especially compared to other makeovers. Last year, the average major kitchen remodel cost $54,909 and earned an ROI of 74.2 percent, while the average minor remodel cost $18,856 and garnered an 82.7 percent return on investment. Both scale types outperformed bathroom remodels and bathroom additions, which earned returns of 72.5 percent and 60.1 percent, respectively. What’s more, kitchen makeover remain among the most popular with homebuyers and this is one way to make a home sell fast.

Planning a Kitchen Remodel

One of the first considerations is how to get through the makeover without working your stress level over. If you plan to go for a complete update, you’ll have to place your kitchen–at least the “working parts” in another area. This means setting-up a temporary kitchen in another place in your home. This could be another room, in your home or even your garage. You’ll have to take a few considerations into account, such as having running water available, and plenty of working counter space. Think about how it will work with your everyday life to make the best choice.

“Kitchen renovations are among the most expensive home-improvement projects, but it’s possible to give a tired kitchen new life without breaking the bank. At the most basic, walls can be painted and cabinet hardware changed to freshen the look. At the high end, you can upgrade cabinets and appliances within the same footprint, which saves the expense and hassle of moving plumbing and electrical lines.” —This Old House

Another consideration is, of course, your budget. This is perhaps the most difficult part of remodeling a kitchen because there are so many options available. If you plan on going the do-it-yourself route, you’ll certainly cut down on cost because you won’t be paying for labor. However, depending on the scope of your project, you’ll still need a licensed electrician and plumber, and, the necessary permits. Trying to work around these expenses will only cost you time, frustration, and more money, when it comes time to sell.

Best Kitchen Makeover Ideas

You don’t have to break the bank in order to transform your kitchen into a welcoming space. All you really have to do is to use your imagination and focus on small changes, which will have a big impact. Here are some kitchen makeover ideas that can help inspire you:

  • Replace the sink hardware. A new faucet and handle set will go a long way in your kitchen makeover. You don’t necessary have to replace the entire sink, but you can make this little change.
  • Change out the light switch plates. These become dull and dingy after years of use. Changing these out will make a difference and one you won’t believe until you see it.
  • Deep clean the hood. Grease deposits heavy on the kitchen hood and you probably don’t wipe it down that often. Give it a deep cleaning, or, consider replacing it altogether.
  • Replace the appliances. While this ups the cost, it will do more to improve the space than practically any other update. New appliances look great and cut down on energy use.
  • Refurbish the cabinets. You can simply opt to take the doors off, paint them and the cabinets, then replace the hinges and pulls. This is easier and much less expensive than replacing cabinets.
  • Change out the backsplash. Like the hood over the stove or range, the backsplash collects a lot of dirt and dulls. Changing out the backsplash will provide a nice accent and freshen up the space.
  • Replace or refinish the countertops. You can either replace the countertops or just refinish them. In both instances, the entire kitchen will have a new look and feel.

Another idea is a simple one: replace the towels and decor. Chances are both are old and decor gets quite dusty over time. A new set of towels, along with some updated, colorful decor will do a lot to improve the look of your kitchen. In addition, replace the accent rugs and mat to complete the transformation.