Best Home Resale Value Features for Buyers to Look Out For

What are the best home resale value features and why do these matter so much? Well, buying a house is obviously a huge investment. Wait. Stop right there. Read that again. It’s a huge investment. Sure, it’s a place to live. And, it’s your own. Plus, it locks-in your cost of housing. But, there’s a lot more to it and this must be appreciated to understand what resale actually means.

Why Home Buying is Really All about the Future

The best home resale value features will help to guarantee a brighter future. Why? Because buying a home is really about the future. Here’s why that’s so. At some point, you (or your heirs) will sell the house. It’s only a matter of time. Which means you’ve got to think seriously about what it offers and its potential.

“Buying a house isn’t just finding a space to live—it’s also a really important investment opportunity. To ensure that you’re making a good investment on your real estate transaction, there are certain things to look for before you purchase a home. What kinds of things should you be looking for when you are getting ready to invest in real estate?” —

Here’s where the old real estate cliche becomes steadfast reality — buying a house is all about location, location, location. Let that truly sink-in for a moment. It’s why you’ve probably heard the same advice, “buy the worst house in the best neighborhood.” This logic arises because, someday, resale will happen.

Best Home Resale Value Features for Buyers to Look Out For

So, what are the best home resale value features? Which ones should you as a buyer look for when house hunting? Here are the most important aspects of a property for a strong resale value you should know about:

  • Pay attention to what’s nearby. Location, location, location comes into play here. Are there grocery stores and restaurants nearby? If so, how difficult or easy are they to access? Do you have to fight traffic simply to pick up a gallon of milk? Or, can you simply swing by with ease?
  • Visit the neighborhood at different times. What’s the neighborhood like? Not just on the day you go to tour the house but also, on nights and weekends? Speak to residents and ask them. Most will gladly tell you what they most like and what they dislike about the neighborhood.
  • Choose a house with a family-friendly layout. It doesn’t matter if you’re empty-nesters or newlyweds. Family-friendly layouts simply sell better than homes without such configurations. Three to four bedrooms, preferably on one level, at least one bathroom with a tub, and an open-concept kitchen are what families look for when buying.
  • Make sure the home’s main systems are in good shape. The home inspection will certainly reveal what’s known as “material defects” with the systems and components. But, it’s worthwhile to ask about the roof, water heater, HVAC system, windows, electrical wiring, plumbing, and foundation. The point is to gather as much information as possible so you understand their condition.
  • Learn about the nearby, local schools, both public and private. Here again, family-friendly comes into play. Just because there’s a highly-rated school just a few minutes away doesn’t mean the house is zoned for that particular school. Make sure you know which schools are in the zone. And, be sure to check out private schools as well. Just because they’re private doesn’t mean they’re necessarily better. Do your homework so you aren’t taken by surprise.

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