Meet Steve

From a small town upbringing to the urban environment of Orlando where I have lived for over 23 years I have always strived to keep things simple. I enjoy life and surround myself with people who share the same positive energy. The successes that I have enjoyed in life are due to people who gave personal guidance and a foundation of strong morals. These same people taught me early on that to gain respect from others, I must take responsibility for my actions. With the support of family and friends I have lived by these standards to date.

I carry these high standards into my professional career as a Realtor. With down to earth approach for each of my clients, I strive to keep the process of selling or buying a home as stress free as possible. Again, I surround myself with professionals in Lending, Title, Home Inspection and Appraisal who are among the best in their respective fields who share similar values.

I owe my success as a REALTOR to family, friends, past clients, and business associates who have supported me by referring clients. I feel a referral is the highest compliment anyone can give me because it shows the trust and respect that other people have in my abilities to get the job done.