Condo Sale

Steve, I am Brooke Botterill's mother. I've waited to send you this, not wanting to risk squirrelling her condo sale. I wanted to thank you so much for the superb job you did in getting her condo sold and the professional support that you provided. When Brooke first told us that she had selected a friend to handle the sale, my husband and I were both a bit concerned. We had hired a friend to sell a home years earlier (the same agent that sold us the home) and it took us 3 years to sell it at a loss of over $100K from the original listing price. This agent was more concerned with a quick sale and withheld information from us about an early offer that we might have taken had we had more information. So needless to say, we were concerned when Brooke gave us your background. But you proved to be an experienced, well informed professional and we thank you for looking after our daughter's sale. The way you handled the offers, the cancelled offer and the crazy HOA issues proves that she made the right choice. I know she also appreciates the concession you made in terms of the commission. That will help her tremendously when she goes to parlay her net profit into a home in the Richmond area. I understand that you have already recommended a professional in that area. Hopefully you will have the same good fortunate with Alex's father's house once it's ready to list. Thank you again for your support. If you need a recommendation down the road, please don't hesitate to reach out to Brooke or us. We will gladly sing your praises. Thanks again. Debra

— Debra B