5 Unmistakable Signs it’s Time to Sell Your Home

You’re considering selling your home but just aren’t sure it’s the right time to make the transition. Sometimes, it’s not an entirely free choice. There’s a need to sell for a job change relocation or you experience a life event that forces you to sell. But generally, it’s a difficult decision to make because it does mean having to find another home and having to move. While there are clever ways to reduce moving costs, it’s typically not a fun experience. So, it remains one of the reasons you’re not staking a For Sale sign in the yard. But there are some unmistakable signs it is time to sell your house.

5 Unmistakable Signs it’s Time to Sell Your Home

Most homeowners don’t plan to live in the same house forever. As we move through our life stages, we have different wants and needs. Your house is part of that dynamic, something that might be perfect at one time but now, isn’t exactly a good fit. You’re worried about making such a big change because it takes time to find a home but nevertheless, something is telling you it’s time to seriously think about selling your property.

“Most people don’t plan on living in their first (or second or maybe even third) home forever, but knowing when the time is right to put that baby on the market can be tricky. In fact, it can feel kind of like breaking up with a longtime boyfriend or girlfriend. Deep down, you knew you wouldn’t be with that person forever—but ending things can be way easier said than done.” —Realtor.com

Even if you’ve been through the whole process before, it can be difficult. What holds so many homeowners back is their comfort and familiarity. After all, it is home but that emotional tie might not comport with the reality you face. So, it’s time to look through an unbiased filter. Who knows, you might just face a multiple offer situation, a dream of every home seller. Here are five unmistakable signs it’s time to sell your home:

  • You don’t have enough space. When you bought your two bedroom, one bath house, it was a good fit. You didn’t need that much space and now it feels like you’re boxed in every time you walk inside. The closets are ready to burst, you can’t fit another dish into the kitchen cabinets, and too many people must share space. That’s a big telltale sign it is time to sell.
  • There’s just too much space. It’s also possible you’re dealing with the opposite — you have too much space. Maintaining the house feels like a relentless chore. You don’t have use for a room or two and you’re paying to cool and heat empty space. If downsizing seems like a sensible option, it just might be the case. Sell and buy a smaller home that’s more manageable.
  • Renovating won’t yield good ROI. Some homeowners believe compromise is the magic bullet. Instead of selling and buying another home, why not just renovate and stay put? It sounds like a sensible solution but be careful. If you over-improve you’re going to be stuck with that property for a very long time. What’s more, you won’t earn a return on your investment.
  • School districts are becoming important. For homeowners with children coming of school age, district is important. If you need to move to be in a good school district, it’s time to list your house for sale.
  • Your neighbor(s) just sold for a strong ROI. If you are still on the fence about selling, check out those recently sold homes in your neighborhood. You could learn comparable properties are a hot commodity and you’ll score a strong return-on-investment.

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