5 Things to Do when Moving into a New House

When you buy a home, there’s certainly a lot to do. It takes quite a bit of time, from the initial saving period to closing. But, it’s worthwhile in the end because you lock-in your housing cost, build equity and gain more financial stability. If you’re ready to go house hunting, chances are excellent you’re already thinking about various expenses. You want to save money, like with ways to reduce closing costs and other measures. But, once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you’ll submit a purchase offer. Then, you’ll busily get ready for your move.

5 Things to Do when Moving into a New House

It’s both an anxious and exciting time. You’ll have to schedule the utilities so you have power, water, internet, and so on. Put in a change of address with the postal service. Give family and friends your new home address and updated your driver’s license, car and voter registrations. Additionally, you’ll have to change your billing address for any subscriptions or memberships. And, you’ve notify your bank and employer.

“Everything you own is packed into a moving van, the family SUV and your convertible. The old house is empty and awaiting its new residents, and you’re on your way to the new place. The money to pay the movers, plus a generous tip, is in your pocket along with a new set of keys and the security code. You’ve got a copy of the floor plan, which is all marked up with where everything needs to go, and your copy of the mover’s inventory list is tucked in the big folder right beside it. But what else do you need to do when you arrive at the new place?” —How Stuff Works

It’s also a good idea to pare down on possessions prior to moving. After all, the more you move, the more it will cost in time, effort, and money. Now is an ideal time to start eating the food in the freezer, those leftovers in the refrigerator, and any other perishables. Most homebuyers make a comprehensive list to make their move go smoothly. But, it doesn’t stop when you receive the keys at the closing table. Here are five things to do when moving into a new house:

  1. Put together an emergency kit. One unfortunate aspect of moving are the scrapes and bruises. It’s just part of the process. So, have an emergency kit ready-to-go. Bandages, gauze, ice packs, tweezers, adhesive tape, scissors, towelettes and more are great to have on-hand. Over the counter painkillers and other medicines should also be part of your emergency kit.
  2. Locate the main electrical panel. Find the main electrical panel before you actually move into the house. Check each breaker to ensure it’s labeled properly. If not, make the necessary corrections so it’s accurate. If there are no labels, create them yourself and label each breaker.
  3. Find the master water shut off valve. This is the valve you should shut off when you go on vacation as a precaution. It’s also the valve you’ll need to use if there’s a leak or break in the plumbing. When you locate the master water shut off valve, gently test it to ensure it works.
  4. Check each smoke detector in the house. Locate each smoke detector and test each one at a time. It’s a good idea to replace the batteries when you test the smoke detectors so you know each one will work in the unfortunate circumstance it’s really needed.
  5. Replace all exterior door locks right away. Whether your new place is a resale or new construction property, it’s just smart to change all the locks. You really don’t know how many keys are out there to the house and changing the locks prevents someone from walking right inside.

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